Monday, January 30, 2006

A Successful Hunt

Well, I found and bought a VHS copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special. It supposedly includes an older unreleased Fantastic Four movie, too. This should be fun when it arrives.

An MST3K evening, Kim?



Sinspired said...

MOST definitely. Not until next week, though :(

Shadowspun said...

LOL. It probably won't even get here for a week or two.


Sinspired said...

Good deal. Needs to wait until after SuperBowl XS. I wouldn't be able to give you a ride out here, though, so I guess it's an empty invitation... does the thought count? Because you are invited to be one of the "people who watch the Superbowl at my house" (it's not a party, and if you had a just-for-commenting LiveJournal (sort of like my blogger) so I could put you on my friends list so you could see the post you'd already know about it ;) ).