Monday, January 30, 2006

A Successful Hunt

Well, I found and bought a VHS copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special. It supposedly includes an older unreleased Fantastic Four movie, too. This should be fun when it arrives.

An MST3K evening, Kim?


Sunday, January 29, 2006

Your Moment of Kim - Challenger

Okay, if you want a post about the Challenger, which I was not going to do, given my eternal agony over it, here's Kim.

RIP Challenger crew: Dick Scobee, Mike Smith, Ellison Onizuka, Judy Resnik, Ron McNair, Greg Jarvis and Christa McAuliffe.
RIP Challenger, who successfully carried astronauts into space nine times before a flaw in her design took her.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Mostly Nice Update on A Rantful Grandma Update - long

I'm typing at least some of this from the Albright Memorial Library where I managed to get some research (genealogical and printers' marks) done.

***This is as far as I got at the library before my computer session expired.***

Alright, it turns out my aunt and uncle had planned on visiting TAFH this weekend and convinced her to stay home and they would take Grandma down for the day on Saturday. There was good and bad with that. Good: it got Grandma out of the house and area for a day and one of the other relatives was actually doing something with her. Bad: it meant that instead of pretty much having Friday night, all of Saturday and some of Sunday off from Grandma duty, we only had part of Saturday off.

We can live with this, though not totally happily since my uncle could have called and asked if we'd already made plans before he essentially planned our weekend for us. We have for how long now? It would have been cool if he'd planned to go next week and taken Grandma, then we'd have two weekends with vacations. ;p

Anyway, my uncle was to pick Grandma up at 9am. They would spend the day in Philly and come back around 10/10:30pm. Mom and I made plans to see Chronicles of Narnia and a friend's band after she got out of work at 5pm. I figured I could catch the earliest bus to town, go to the library and do some research.

First problem: My uncle is never on time. I should know this by now. He came by at 10:10am. No phone call saying they were running late, nothing. He did say that TAFH had told him Mom and I were planning on seeing a movie so he'd stay at the house till we came home. Cool. Although, to be honest, we didn't intend to cut our single night out in over a month short just because he had work at 6am. (Honestly, I get three and a half to four hours of sleep on average a night and I'd actually feel sorry for him if he only got six? Puh-leeze.) His running late made me miss the bus and since there is only one running this route on Saturdays, I had to wait another hour.

Second problem: I got to the U's library and lo and behold, it was CLOSED! Of course. I had some time to research, so why would the place I need to research at actually be open? *gigglesnort* This happens almost every time I have research time. I should be used to it. I called Mom at work and left a message as to what happened and that I'd be at the Public Library instead. She had a good laugh over it. So did I once I got over my very brief mad. I was laughing by the time I'd left the campus. I think I scared some poor college kid, laughing to myself as I'm walking down the street, listening to my music.

After that, the day went pretty well. I went through the library's vertical file on the printers' marks again, to see if I could glean anything else. Nothing new; I've pretty much picked their records clean. I'm going to try the Historical Society next. Maybe some of Conrad Schroeder's papers went there after his death. He was the contractor for the Albright Library's construction.

The library closed at 5pm, so I walked down to the mall to meet Mom and bought a few things: hairsticks, perfume, candy, socks. Boring stuff. Oh, on the way there some guy flirted with me. I was dressed up kinda nice, I must admit, since we were going to see my co-worker play later. It's funny. The guys that whistle at me are so not my type, but it is nice to hear it every once in a while. Does my vanity/ego some good.

We got to the movies and used two of the free passes we got at Christmastime to get our tickets ahead of time. Then we went to Johnny Rockets and both broke our Celiac's diet. I had a huge Rocket Double with extra cheese and gravy fries (yummy yummy yummy) and Mom had a BLT. We got there just in time. The rush started right after we were seated. After eating we went to the movie.

Okay, if I were Mom, I'd be gushing over the movie right now. As it is, I'll gush over the effects. It was a good movie if you like the story, but I'm just not one for epic battles. I've never really liked the Narnia story - not even that old animated one from when I was a kid. I've managed to avoid the books thus far. There were some funny moments, scary moments and I really liked Tilda Swinton (Jadis) and James McAvoy (Mr. Tumnis) in it. Whoever played the centaur did a really great job too. Liam Neeson made a great voice for Aslan, of course. It's Liam Neeson, 'nuff said. The beavers were a cool married couple. The kids just left me cold, except for Lucy - I have to love the wide-eyed optimist. You could totally understand why Edmund disliked his siblings or place in the pecking order. I would have had to knock Peter around myself. Susan was just annoyningly pessimistic.

The effects were primo. There were only a few matte shots that were really evident. The movement of the various creatures was excellent. The scene where Mr. Tumnis clops his feet/hooves (Do fauns have hooves or cloven feet?) at the entrance of his house to shake off the snow was cool. One of my only effects complaints might not even be effects. I'd say it was costuming, but it involved the centaurs, horses and unicorns - CGI critters. They wore armor on the tops of their bodies, covering their backs and half of their sides - none on their legs or bellies. From a strategic viewpoint that was so stupid they all deserved to be gutted, heart-thrust and hamstrung by the dwarves Jadis had in her army. It's like they assumed only giants and minotaurs would be fighting for Jadis. I have to say it, I loved the gryphons. I just adore gryphons and they were definitely used wisely in the battle, as were Jadis' archers in taking them out of the sky as they dropped boulders on her army. WAH!

We'll buy it, but I won't be watching it very often. *snort* I still have to watch the LotR movies I bought on Black Friday - never even took the cellophane off them.

After the movie we went to the Eynon Pub where my co-worker's band was playing. They're really good. A few other co-workers were there, mostly my friends and their families. I was able to introduce them to Mom. We had some laughs and listened to a live band for the first time in forever.

I got carded and didn't have my ID with me. I'd left it in the car, not thinking. I mean, how often do I go to a bar? The security guy told us the cover was $5. I gave him a ten and he just looked at me and held his hand out in the vague shape of an ID card. LOL. It took me a moment to figure out what he wanted. Mom just laughed at me, the witch. I took her keys, went to the car and showed him the card after I got back in. The three of us talked for a few minutes about ID cards versus drivers licenses and being nearly thirty and still looking under 21.

We left around quarter to 11. Mom had called the house to make sure everything was alright. Sure enugh, problem three had occurred. Apparently, when Mom woke me up early Saturday morning, she told me the bag with grandma's stuff was in the refrigerator. I only remember her saying something about waking up in time for Grandma to eat before she left. I had already ahd the alarm set to 8am anyway and must have tuned out whatever else she said. She says I told her okay and she thought I heard/understood everything. Um, no. Well, by the time I got downstairs, there was a bag sitting with Grandma's purse with a change of clothing and another adult diaper in it, just in case she had an accident on the trip.

It turns out Grandma had made that bag herself. Mom had apparently also told her about the bag in the refrigerator but she forgot about it. LOL. Actually I looked directly at the bag and grandma asked about it when we were trying to figure out what she'd eat that morning. Neither of us looked inside it. Well, she didn't have her pills, tester or coverage insulin when she went down there. Instead of calling us and asking, they all just let it go, figuring we'd take care of it when we got home. Which we did, of course. They were actually afraid they had thrown out Grandma's testing supply stuff, since the bag was ripped when it went down there. I'm sure TAFH's obsessive/compulsive streak wouldn't have allowed Grandma to keep that bag. She must have thrown it out.

All in all, it was a pretty good day with a few relatively minor annoyances. We both got out of the house and away from Grandma. We had some entertainment. I had some broccoli dynabites down at Pappa's. And even more important, Mom is hoping she got through to my uncle that we appreciated the rare night away/out and maybe, just maybe he'll take the hint.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Rantful Grandma Update - long

Alright, I am beginning to feel like the most evil child/grandchild in the world. I find myself getting angry so often now: angry at myself, at Mom and especially at Grandma.

To say this week has been one for the Mrs. Hyde record books would be putting it mildly. As you may know, I had to take Monday off to watch Grandma because our "sitter" had commitments. That's cool, except I'm losing a vacation day out of the deal, which is very uncool. (Mom's salaried. Next time is her turn.) Well, Saturday and Sunday were very boring and rather uneventful barring the fact that Grandma was really weak and needed help doing everything and refused to eat or take her pills until you really worked at it. Monday is a whole 'nother kettle of fish.

To start off, she was kind of weak, like she had been the entire weekend. Eating was a problem again, as were taking her pills. Then I got a phone call from the gas company. It seems the bill was past due. Now, my aunt was doing the bills for her. She's the executrix of the estate when Grandma kicks it, so I couldn't care less about her doing them, neither can Mom. Well, apparently, Grandma told her not to bother with them until after Christmas. (Dateline - JANUARY 25th!) My aunt seems to have thought that my other aunt or my Mom was taking care of the bills in that time. We're not allowed to!!! So, Aunt L thought Mom or TAFH was taking care of it and the bill just kept going and going like the damned Energizer Bunny.

Well, they called and I was given the number for the gas company's collections department. I called them and asked what was going on. Since I didn't have the account number handy I gave Grandma's info and was told that her name wasn't on the account. It isn't. We know this. It's still listed under my grandfather's name and SSN. He only died Halloween night, 1969. So, the rep told me that Grandma had to change it to her SSN. We've tried to make this happen, but she refuses. The rep told me how much was owed: a significant amount. Also, since Grandma's name isn't on the account and she hasn't given the gas company permission to speak to us about it, the rep wasn't even supposed to tell me how much was owed. She suggested having one of us put on the account with Grandma. I think she only gave me the amount when I told her that at least one payment she was talking about had come from my checking account.

I told Grandma this is what the rep said and she told me not to worry about "her business." Now, the rep also told me that since all the occupants of the house were over 18, we were all liable for the bill. This sort of makes it my business, especially since Mom and I have been paying a small amount towards it each month through our checking account for a year. She went on about how I wanted to take everything away from her and I was always poking into her business and it just degenerated from there. I came upstairs and hid, as usual and she did her "in one ear, out the other thing". She'd said her piece and made me feel like mud, so what did she care now, eh?

Anyway, after Mom came home I gave her a short rundown of the bill and Grandma let loose on me again, this time bringing Mom into it when she actually supported me. She ended up asking Grandma if she wanted us to move out and let my uncle and aunts take care of her. Grandma actually had the gall to say that they couldn't take care of her. Why not? If we are so terrible, then how can we take care of her and not them? Oh, wait, I forgot. They have lives. We have an existence that revolves around making an aging, resentful woman happy at the expense of our sanity and own happiness. They have families and careers. We have each other and only one career, Mom's. They have better things to do with their lives and she never wants to bother or put any of them out. Mom and I? Ha-ha!

I haven't been out of the house (other than work) for more than half an hour since Mom and I went to see The Producers the last time TAFH was in at Christmas. Wait, I'm wrong. Mom and I took Grandma to Friendly's (a nice family restaurant nearby) about a week ago. We were gone from the house for about two hours - and in Grandma's presence the entire time. TAFH is coming in this weekend with a mixed blessing. She called and told us to make plans to go out Saturday night because she'd watch Grandma. Of course, the downside is an entire weekend of having a third person harp at me, but it's worth it for the time away from Grandma. I think I'll take off early Saturday morning and spend the day at the library while I have the reprieve.

Yesterday, Mom got me pissed off, as did Mrs. Hyde. I think my rope is just about frayed for the week, because today at work something just snapped in me when I saw the mess the overnight crew had made of an aisle I had to redo. I was furious. I still am. I'm so angry right now it's not even funny. I don't know why except that I have no real outlet for my anger. I could take it out on Mom, but she gives back even worse than she gets. It must be a mother thing, because I can't take it out on Grandma, she just gets even more vicious with her insults. I need to take up boxing.

You know, amazingly enough, now that Mom and I are sort of giving Grandma a bit of the cold shoulder and not catering as much, she's much stronger. Could it have to do with the fact that she knows we're not inclined to be as nice and sweet and solicitous at the moment? She's not hungry today and I don't feel like pushing. I heard her go into the refrigerator as I was typing this anyway. That may have something to do with my comment, "Fine. I don't feel like playing this game right now. If you get hungry you know where the kitchen is." I then came upstairs and sat down to get this off my back/shoulders/mind. They all hurt right now.

So, I just went to the store while Aunt L and her daughter were here taking care of the bills (Yes, her daughter can help take care of the bills and she's a year younger than me: thin, pretty, married with a good career, her own house and not living here as the whipping girl. If I didn't love my cousin dearly it would be so easy to be jealous of her.) and bought a 2 liter bottle of soda, which I thoroughly intend to drain dry tonight, diet bedamned. I may not be able drink liquor but give me Pepsi and I'm happy enough.


Monday, January 23, 2006

On the Hunt update

Well, I've bid on two of them at Ebay. One is a DVD with all of the commercials (supposedly just as hilarious) and one is a VHS with an unreleased Fantastic Four movie. We'll see which I get.

I am going to be in B-Movie heaven, I just know it!


Sunday, January 22, 2006

On the Hunt

In my undying quest for really bad B-movies I seem to have come across a gem: the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Apparently, this little beauty was run in 1978 and ONLY 1978. It's so bad George Lucas has reportedly said he wants to take a hammer and destroy all copies existing. This, of course, makes me want to watch it even more!

Just take a look at the link and imagine the carnage...and the nose-soda-spewing you can have if you watch it. I am and counting the days till I get my hands on a copy.


Saturday, January 21, 2006

Manic Monday (A Grandma Update)

Okay, I have decided that I am now no different from the parent who takes a day off because they can't find a sitter or day care. I have taken off Monday, because the lady watching Grandma during the week can't come. Mom has to work and since I make significantly less than her, I'm the one taking it off. I dislike doing that, for a few reasons:

One: I need the money and can't afford to take the time off. I thought I'd be able to use personal time, but apparently I don't have any. I'm hesitant to give up any vacation time, though, as we don't yet know when my brother and the kids are coming for a visit.
Two: I just don't like taking off from work unless I'm sick or on vacation. It seems unprofessional.
Three: If I'm going to play hookey, I want to enjoy myself, not sit around the house waiting for someone to need help going to the bathroom or argue with me about eating anything that day, which she now does constantly.

Boy, am I a selfish brat.

Well, here's to a three-day weekend and a day of chores (maybe) and Pogo (more likely). There are some DVDs I've been meaning to watch.


Monday, January 16, 2006

What Makes A Writer?

I want to be a writer. I always have. But what makes a writer? Is it a person who publishes? Or is it the person who doesn’t have the confidence to finish her work? Is it both? Can a person who never shows what she writes be considered a writer? Are a writer and an author two different things? Looking for Irish writers for my website, I found something interesting. When I looked up Irish writers, I found a few notables. When I looked up Irish dramatists, poets, historians, authors, playwrights, I found many names. They were listed under specifics as to what they wrote, not the generic term “writer”.

So am I a writer? Does this blog make me a writer or a diarist? Does the poetry I wrote so long ago make me a poet or former poet? What about the short stories I wrote? What do they make me?

What do my own feelings make me? When I find that last printer’ mark and write the history for the Albright Library, will I be an historian? When I finish my story about Phineas Pumpkinhead will I be an author even though it’s not published? What about the Changeling Cat story rattling around in my brain and notes, or the vampires? Will I still just be a writer: a person who uses the written word to communicate and tell stories, if only to herself? Or will I be something else entirely?

Sunday, January 15, 2006

My baby turns 300 years old!

Okay, of all the Founding Fathers, my favorite is Ben Franklin. He always has been. I love John Adams and admire many of the others, but my true affection has always been for my baby, Ben.

He turns 300 years old, or would if he'd invented some immortality serum along with his stove, on Tuesday. Philly and other places are preparing events in his honor. I wish I could go to one, but the title of this blog links to an article on him for you to read.

Also, here's a link to Project Gutenberg's free etext of The Autobiography of Ben Franklin.

I am a big fan of Project Gutenberg and all the other free libraries online. Go visit one of them someday. You will find books in different languages; books by authors you never thought you could find anywhere else. These projects are so important to the free distribution of knowledge, something Ben would definitely appriove of.

Cheers and long live Ben!!!!!

PS - Shelly Winters, 85 years old and absolutely great her whole life. I'll miss you.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Rude People

I think I have mentioned before that I am "significantly overweight" as it's politely put. To call a spade a spade, I'm fat. I have to lose a large amount of weight before I get it to where it should be, at least 100 pounds. I'm slowly trying and getting there. If I would just buy that pilates dvd, I'll be much better off. I figure I can use it upstairs in this lovely laptop I'm using. Anyway, back to my point.

Would a person be considered rude or just extremely inconsiderate to have a purposely loud conversation with another about there being no excuse for being fat when there is a fat person in the room? Bear in mind, neither woman engaged in this conversation will ever win any points for consideration of others' feelings. In fact, the main instigator is a total troublemaker at work, who seems to get away with everthing she does, up to and including threatening the life of a co-worker. Ah, the foibles of retail: high school on an older scale. Oh, wait. I forgot, schools actually take death threats seriously now.

I must admit, I found it amusing. I'm so used to her being such a jerk that most of what she does now has made me pass the righteous indignation stage and go to feeling sorry for her pitiful ass. She finds her life so unfulfilling that she has to expound on how good a mother she is (as of a few months ago, her four year-old still wasn't potty-trained); her hatred for gays (I'm convinced her oldest son is); how much of an idiot and horrible person her only daughter can be (boy, isn't that a sweet mother); her my-husband-is-so-perfect-but-now-we're-getting-a-divorce-and-he's-a-total-jerk; karaoke and beer; everyone else's opinions are always wrong; plus so much more!

"You too can have your daily dose of ***** for only the tiny fee of a pound of biting your tongue and a ton of amazement! Call now, this is a limited-time offer!! Operators are stading by!"

*giggle snort giggle*

Can you tell I've heard the spiel a few hundred times?

On a positive note, though, her frustrating me so much gave me the strength to break through the mental block I had about writing about a year ago. I was able to write some fiction for the first time in years because she had angered me so much.

I have to admit, I'm somewhat evil to her now. I make sure I say hello to her every time I see her. She hates it and politeness requires she respond accordingly. Petty little revenge, but she made my life hell so I feel justified in getting a little of my own back.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Simple Grandma Update


'nuff said.

Note To Self (A Grandma Update)

Okay, from now on Grandma does NOT get Flouracene. The eye doctors will simply have to try some other dye to get the macular degeneration tests they need done. We went to the doctor yesterday, a gentleman named Dr. Peairs. I mention his name simply because he and his stafff deserve all the positive recognition I can possibly give them. They are wonderful. Anyway, Grandma had the gamut of testing done and had just finished a test for macular degeneration where they inject some dye into the bloodstream to get pictures of the blood flow to the vessels in the eye, when she had a reaction to the dye.

First, she felt nauseous. This is apparently a normal side effect and the tech/doctor? taking the test gave her a little puke tray (Do they even have a real name?). Well, then she felt faint and we moved her to a better chair. Then she got a little worse and we moved her to the floor. The nurses came in and gave her oxygen, started an IV, took her sugar and her blood pressure. Everything was fine, but Grandma started to lose comprehension. I thought she was having another stroke. The nurses and tech called the ambulance. They came and whooshed Grandma to Mercy Hospital, which she loathes because they almost always keep her for a few days.

She was doing much better almost from the beginning, but the hospital ran the normal battery of tests on her, anyway, to try to find out why she had the "episode." All the tests came back clean, so they, for once, sent her home the same day. We only spent five hours there, surely a world record.

Of course, while we were at the hospital, my aunt and mother told me to blame them if Grandma asked about why she was at Mercy, and I, being conscientious and STUPID, told them I'd be honest. I figured Grandma wouldn't think of it. Nope. She has to prove me wrong every time. She asked me directly where she was. I answered "Mercy." Ooh, was she pissed. She told me flat out, "I said I never wanted to come here again." So, I did CMA a little and told her I didn't know that and that I had told the EMTs Mercy because that's where all of her records were. I'm getting the Hyde Treatment, today.

My lesson out of this, though: Copy the informatioon from the binder that we have at home into my PDA so I'm never without it. The names and dosages of the meds would have helped greatly at first. Oh, and lie through my teeth and blame my aunt from now on. Grandma's almost always nice to her, so she won't suffer from it.


Friday, January 06, 2006

Help Me! Help Me! (A Grandma Update)

"Help me! Heeellllllppppp me!"

For some reason, this is the phrase and picture that keeps turning up in my head today. The poor Fly, trapped in a spider web, about to be squashed by a newspaper.

Grandma isn't as listless today, but she's really weak. She keeps walking out to the kitchen, but keeps falling right next to the refrigerator. Actually, I should have stayed downstairs after I git home from work, but I really felt she was strong enough to stay by herself. Also, the first things out of her mouth to me today were insults and reminding me that this was her house - just because I bought a present for my niece's birthday. She thinks we shouldn't buy things that we have to mail because we have to bring it and boxes into her house. I needed a bit more time away from her. I'm downstairs writing this now, because obviously she can't be on her own.

Of course, it might help a bit if she'd actually use that damned cane of hers. Her favorite thing is to play "hide the cane". She wanders to the most obscure place in the house and leaves it there. When you ask her where it is she doesn't know. When you finally find it and ask her why she put it there, her answer is that it's where it belongs. *sigh*

Last night I got a phone call from Mom telling me she wouldn't be home right away because she had to take a little trip to the emergency room. It seems she slipped at work and tried to protect her new knees. (Question: When do replacement knees cease being new? She's had them since October.) Well, protecting the knees meant she neglected to protect her face. So, she now has a nose cut and broken in three places.

Well, given the fact that I couldn't leave Grandma alone, I stayed downstairs until Mom came home. Unfortunately, that wasn't until 1:30AM. I fell asleep sitting in the chair around midnight. When Mom walked in she asked me something like, "Why didn't you go upstairs?" As if I'd actually trust Grandma to call me when she wanted to get up. She doesn't call me until she's in trouble. So, I was a little exhausted at work today. This getting up at 3AM is a real pain in the arse.

I think I fell asleep upstairs after work for about fifteen minutes or so before I heard Grandma calling me the first time. I think I'll take a real nap after Mom get's home so I can be up to watch the different shows I want to watch tonight: Stargate, Stargate Atlantis, Numbers and House ... Yeah, right. If I take a nap now, I won't get up until tomorrow at noon!

Anyway, Grandma just devoured a tuna sandwich, so she got some food tonight, at least. I'm off to check my email and plug this power-pig in. How long are Acer batteries supposed to last? I have to find out.

An aside - RIP Lou Rawls. I'll miss your wonderful voice.


Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sick (A Grandma Update)

Well, Grandma's sick. She has the bug that was going around the family. Wow, she's really out of it. She keeps having to go to the bathrom, but the effort to get off the couch is too much, so she gives up until I bug her about going. She's also confused about where to go and what's being said to her, as well as having trouble walking. I'm going to make her some broth so her sugar doesn't plummet to much. I just hope she actually eats it. The confusion worries me, though. Time to call Mom at work and ask her advice.

Okay, she won't eat, but won't give me a reason why not, no matter what I try. And Mom said Grandma was confused earlier today, too. I'll give it half an hour and try to feed her again.

She said something I don't get when I joked about chicken soup curing all ills. She said, "I'm not Welsh." Now What the heck does that mean?


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Great movies re-enacted in 30 seconds by animated bunnies...

Okay, this one was just too great not to share. Imagine Star Wars, Jaws and Titanic broken down into 30 second clips populated by animated bunnies. Hee-hee. It's not just them, though. There are other movies.

I'm still chuckling. You have to check out Angry Alien Productions.


Monday, January 02, 2006

A Slap in the Face for the New Year

Wow! I am frankly amazed at some people. I found a website that had a sort-of support group for caretakers. I told some of my story, and maybe I didn't word it quite right. Here is the response I got:

::I don't think that "dutiful daughter" has much to do with this. You have stated yourself that you are lazy, and it is easier to live off grandma than go out on your own. Apparently, you and your mother are using Grandma for your own ends. You cannot afford to be on your own, so you are waiting for grandma to die, so that you can get her house, and do what you want. It is one thing to care for a person out of "duty" or simply out of the goodness of your heart. It is quite another when you are actually beholden to the person for whom you are caring. This, from what you have said, is apparently the case here. I also think that some of your decisions re grandma have more to do with your comfort than hers. If her house were sold to pay for professional care, you and your mother would be left without a place to live. Apparently, you have made a "deal with the devil." In that case, if I were you, I would just keep my mouth shut, and be as kind as you are able to your potential benefactor. Grandma may just surprise you and live for a long, long, time.::

Again, wow. I thought I had found a place I could rant (like the others) and have a shoulder to cry on every once in a while. But I made the mistake of letting them know I was 29 and still living with Mom because it has, frankly, been easier and I can't afford college at this time. Also, I let them know that the family had agreed that Mom would get the house when Grandma died. *snort* I guess this makes us mercenary. Never mind the fact that Mom and I are paying the majority of the bills now. We buy almost all the food. We do all the cleaning, cooking, etc. I forgot to mention the fact that I go to work, go home, go to work, go home and that is my life. I also made the mistake of letting them know that college would come after Grandma dies.

They seem to think we should sell the house and put Grandma in a home. One, the house wouldn't bring enough money to put Grandma in a decent place. Two, the very act of doing so would kill her because she would simply will herself to death. Three, she would hate my mother for the rest of her short life and that would certainly shorten my mother's life.

I know I want to say more about this, but I'm about to cry, so that's it for now.