Saturday, January 21, 2006

Manic Monday (A Grandma Update)

Okay, I have decided that I am now no different from the parent who takes a day off because they can't find a sitter or day care. I have taken off Monday, because the lady watching Grandma during the week can't come. Mom has to work and since I make significantly less than her, I'm the one taking it off. I dislike doing that, for a few reasons:

One: I need the money and can't afford to take the time off. I thought I'd be able to use personal time, but apparently I don't have any. I'm hesitant to give up any vacation time, though, as we don't yet know when my brother and the kids are coming for a visit.
Two: I just don't like taking off from work unless I'm sick or on vacation. It seems unprofessional.
Three: If I'm going to play hookey, I want to enjoy myself, not sit around the house waiting for someone to need help going to the bathroom or argue with me about eating anything that day, which she now does constantly.

Boy, am I a selfish brat.

Well, here's to a three-day weekend and a day of chores (maybe) and Pogo (more likely). There are some DVDs I've been meaning to watch.


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