Sunday, January 15, 2006

My baby turns 300 years old!

Okay, of all the Founding Fathers, my favorite is Ben Franklin. He always has been. I love John Adams and admire many of the others, but my true affection has always been for my baby, Ben.

He turns 300 years old, or would if he'd invented some immortality serum along with his stove, on Tuesday. Philly and other places are preparing events in his honor. I wish I could go to one, but the title of this blog links to an article on him for you to read.

Also, here's a link to Project Gutenberg's free etext of The Autobiography of Ben Franklin.

I am a big fan of Project Gutenberg and all the other free libraries online. Go visit one of them someday. You will find books in different languages; books by authors you never thought you could find anywhere else. These projects are so important to the free distribution of knowledge, something Ben would definitely appriove of.

Cheers and long live Ben!!!!!

PS - Shelly Winters, 85 years old and absolutely great her whole life. I'll miss you.

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