Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sick (A Grandma Update)

Well, Grandma's sick. She has the bug that was going around the family. Wow, she's really out of it. She keeps having to go to the bathrom, but the effort to get off the couch is too much, so she gives up until I bug her about going. She's also confused about where to go and what's being said to her, as well as having trouble walking. I'm going to make her some broth so her sugar doesn't plummet to much. I just hope she actually eats it. The confusion worries me, though. Time to call Mom at work and ask her advice.

Okay, she won't eat, but won't give me a reason why not, no matter what I try. And Mom said Grandma was confused earlier today, too. I'll give it half an hour and try to feed her again.

She said something I don't get when I joked about chicken soup curing all ills. She said, "I'm not Welsh." Now What the heck does that mean?


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