Friday, January 06, 2006

Help Me! Help Me! (A Grandma Update)

"Help me! Heeellllllppppp me!"

For some reason, this is the phrase and picture that keeps turning up in my head today. The poor Fly, trapped in a spider web, about to be squashed by a newspaper.

Grandma isn't as listless today, but she's really weak. She keeps walking out to the kitchen, but keeps falling right next to the refrigerator. Actually, I should have stayed downstairs after I git home from work, but I really felt she was strong enough to stay by herself. Also, the first things out of her mouth to me today were insults and reminding me that this was her house - just because I bought a present for my niece's birthday. She thinks we shouldn't buy things that we have to mail because we have to bring it and boxes into her house. I needed a bit more time away from her. I'm downstairs writing this now, because obviously she can't be on her own.

Of course, it might help a bit if she'd actually use that damned cane of hers. Her favorite thing is to play "hide the cane". She wanders to the most obscure place in the house and leaves it there. When you ask her where it is she doesn't know. When you finally find it and ask her why she put it there, her answer is that it's where it belongs. *sigh*

Last night I got a phone call from Mom telling me she wouldn't be home right away because she had to take a little trip to the emergency room. It seems she slipped at work and tried to protect her new knees. (Question: When do replacement knees cease being new? She's had them since October.) Well, protecting the knees meant she neglected to protect her face. So, she now has a nose cut and broken in three places.

Well, given the fact that I couldn't leave Grandma alone, I stayed downstairs until Mom came home. Unfortunately, that wasn't until 1:30AM. I fell asleep sitting in the chair around midnight. When Mom walked in she asked me something like, "Why didn't you go upstairs?" As if I'd actually trust Grandma to call me when she wanted to get up. She doesn't call me until she's in trouble. So, I was a little exhausted at work today. This getting up at 3AM is a real pain in the arse.

I think I fell asleep upstairs after work for about fifteen minutes or so before I heard Grandma calling me the first time. I think I'll take a real nap after Mom get's home so I can be up to watch the different shows I want to watch tonight: Stargate, Stargate Atlantis, Numbers and House ... Yeah, right. If I take a nap now, I won't get up until tomorrow at noon!

Anyway, Grandma just devoured a tuna sandwich, so she got some food tonight, at least. I'm off to check my email and plug this power-pig in. How long are Acer batteries supposed to last? I have to find out.

An aside - RIP Lou Rawls. I'll miss your wonderful voice.


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