Friday, January 13, 2006

Rude People

I think I have mentioned before that I am "significantly overweight" as it's politely put. To call a spade a spade, I'm fat. I have to lose a large amount of weight before I get it to where it should be, at least 100 pounds. I'm slowly trying and getting there. If I would just buy that pilates dvd, I'll be much better off. I figure I can use it upstairs in this lovely laptop I'm using. Anyway, back to my point.

Would a person be considered rude or just extremely inconsiderate to have a purposely loud conversation with another about there being no excuse for being fat when there is a fat person in the room? Bear in mind, neither woman engaged in this conversation will ever win any points for consideration of others' feelings. In fact, the main instigator is a total troublemaker at work, who seems to get away with everthing she does, up to and including threatening the life of a co-worker. Ah, the foibles of retail: high school on an older scale. Oh, wait. I forgot, schools actually take death threats seriously now.

I must admit, I found it amusing. I'm so used to her being such a jerk that most of what she does now has made me pass the righteous indignation stage and go to feeling sorry for her pitiful ass. She finds her life so unfulfilling that she has to expound on how good a mother she is (as of a few months ago, her four year-old still wasn't potty-trained); her hatred for gays (I'm convinced her oldest son is); how much of an idiot and horrible person her only daughter can be (boy, isn't that a sweet mother); her my-husband-is-so-perfect-but-now-we're-getting-a-divorce-and-he's-a-total-jerk; karaoke and beer; everyone else's opinions are always wrong; plus so much more!

"You too can have your daily dose of ***** for only the tiny fee of a pound of biting your tongue and a ton of amazement! Call now, this is a limited-time offer!! Operators are stading by!"

*giggle snort giggle*

Can you tell I've heard the spiel a few hundred times?

On a positive note, though, her frustrating me so much gave me the strength to break through the mental block I had about writing about a year ago. I was able to write some fiction for the first time in years because she had angered me so much.

I have to admit, I'm somewhat evil to her now. I make sure I say hello to her every time I see her. She hates it and politeness requires she respond accordingly. Petty little revenge, but she made my life hell so I feel justified in getting a little of my own back.

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