Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Pirate Movie

"Mabel, your goosebumps have grown!"

Any purist fans of Gilbert & Sullivan probably had a heart attack when this wonderful movie came out. Kristy MacDonald and Christopher Atkins play the star-crossed lovers from G&S's Pirates of Penzance in an 80's rocked-up, campy version.

They had to have a great time filming this movie. It's so much fun to watch.

It was out of print for years and they finally came out with it again about a year ago. Widescreen, even. How perfect is that? Actually, it was a really good thing, because we had killed the vhs tape it was on years ago. I was in Pirate Movie withdrawal.

Now, if they could just bring out an unpirated edition of the soundtrack, everything would be hunky-dory.


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