Thursday, April 13, 2006

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary...

Well, I got half of the flower garden cleared out before the rain hit today. I still have to remove the azalea that is not growing back and dig out and turn over the earth of the other half. I'll be doing that tomorrow after work and planting my seeds on Saturday morning. I want to get it all done before TAFH gets here on Saturday morning, so she doesn't decide to "help" me. She'll pick out the plants she thinks should go in there and just plant them. She's done it before. Oops. I'll need to get some seed markers so she doesn't just get creative anyway. I also need some larkspur or snapdragon seeds. Maybe both.

Here's the list of plants that will be growing (if the gardening gods are with me, that is):

Growing on a trellis I'll be building out of six or seven foot dowel rods and twine. The morning glories should be open from morning until early afternoon. The four o'clocks open from early afternoon until night. The moonflowers open at night and stay open until the morning.:
Moonflowers: large, white flowers on a vine
Morning Glories: Burpee Mix, Grandpa Ott (deep purple), Milky Way (white with rose-star accent) - vines
Four o'Clocks: Burpee Mix - shrubby plant

Spread around the trellis and the rest of the flower patch:
Ipomopsis: a yellow, red and salmon annual that attracts hummingbirds
Oriental Poppy: a bright red perennial that will bloom next year.
Delphinium: a blue, stalky perennial that might bloom this year.
Viola: a blue, yellow, cream and purple mix of perennials. These are for Mom. She loves "bluebells", or violets. These are pretty close.
Lavatera: pink, white, rose and salmon blooms that last until the first frost; an annual.

I found a hummingbird/butterfly mix with all of these in it that I'll spread somewhere:
Crimson Clover, Annual Blue Flax, Austrian Winter Pea, Annual Baby's Breath, Four O'Clocks, Dwarf Cornflower, Dwarf Cosmos, California Poppy, Sweet William Pinks, Annual Gaillardia, Candytuft, Bishops Flower, Sweet Alyssum, Black-Eyed Susan, Siberian Wallflower, Rocket Larkspur, Scarlet Sage, Gilia, Annual Red Phlox, Spurred Snapdagon.

I'm not quite sure where I'll spread this out, actually. I might end up getting some flower boxes for the porch.

Anyway, I'm having fun.


Sinspired said...

Yeah, even if you're not done, you'd best tell her you are.

And if you ARE done, make sure she knows so that she doesn't plant her seeds right over yours!

Shadowspun said...

Ah, I may not be able to finish it tonight, but I bought popsicle sticks to mark the seed rows. She comes home tonight and I'm going to work on it early (wah!) tomorrow morning. We'll see how fast I can get it done before she decides to contribute.

Grandma has already said (repeatedly) that she doesn't want any plants in there of her own. Hopefully TAFH won't get any ideas and go to Home Depot tomorrow.

Peter Matthes said...

Snapdragons are really nice. My dad used to plant them in his garden all the time. Plus, they give you a number of color options.

Shadowspun said...

I decided on Convolvulus instead, Actually, Mom picked it out after I nagged her into picking SOMETHING. Next year I'll try the snapdragons. Of course, I could add a few to Grandma's lily secret, of course.

"Wow, how did they get there?" ;p