Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Jumping The Mother's Day Gun

I just got Mom a camera for Mother's Day. I'm giving it to her today because I can't wait. I'll give her a card later. The camera is a Fuji Finepix 3100. It was originally $350 at work, but I got it for $85 with my discount, the camera being on clearance and a former display model. Wahoo! You can actually hold the damned thing and not be afraid to either lose or break it. It records short movies and you can use the viewfinder or the LCD screen. It can also take other lenses. It only has a 16mb xd-Picture Card, but I'm pricing larger cards already.

Here is the picture I took to give her a start. She was raised calling violets "bluebells" and they remain one of her favorite flowers.

I hope she likes it.


She likes it, she likes it. She was actually going to buy one at work tomorrow. It was a dinky little thing. This one's much better. She was happy.


Will Powers said...

It's a great camera!

Peter Matthes said...

You're a good daughter.

Have her take a picture of you and post it on your blog.

Shadowspun said...

I hate having my picture taken! I'd much rather be on the "taking" side of the camera.

Maybe I'll put up a picture soon as I find the perfect model with all the features I really want to have! LOL.