Sunday, April 16, 2006

Nice Kids and a good news article

Yesterday I went to see Thank You For Smoking, which was quite good. While I was waiting in line to buy my ticket there were about six young boys in front of me buying tickets to The Benchwarmers. In front of them were two elderly women. The boys were full of high spirits, teasing each other and a little shovey (is that even a word?). Well, as the two women were walking away, one's purse fell open and her change rolled out. The boy that seemed to be the leader of the little group immediately knelt down and started helping her pick it up. One of the others joked that he shouldn't steal her money and was smacked by another and told to "Shut up!" When he was done helping her, the boy gave her the money: she thanked him and he calmy started to order his ticket. A few seconds later the woman put a quarter or something in front of him, he said "Thank you" and went back to ordering the ticket. It was all over and done with in a minute or two, but it gave me hope for the rest of the day. Young boys with good manners and politeness, how cool is that?

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Peter Matthes said...

That is a really nice story about the young kid doing the right thing despite his friend.
Good deeds almost always pay off in the end.
What you get back is worth much more than a quarter.