Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Democratic Primary - Pennsylvania Senate Seat

Alright, I've been paying very little attention to the whole thing, other than my extreme desire to see Santorum ousted as painfully as possible. The man's a bloody menace. I figured, like most Demmies, I guess, that I'd vote for Casey and be done with it. One small problem, Casey's sounding an awful lot like Santorum in disguise.

I just checked out the websites of the other two Demmies running for the Senate and was much more impressed by one of them: Chuck Pennacchio from Buck's County. Alan Sandals also appealed to me in a way, but maybe I was more impressed by the depth of the answers Pennacchio gave on the issues on his site. He went more in depth and actually mentioned solutions and ideas rather than vague "We need to find solutions to this that and the other thing."

Here are the various websites, including the Devil's Spawn - er - Rick Santorum's, in case anyone actually wants to vote for him (WHYWHYWHYWHYWHY!!!!!?????). ;p

Please get out and vote for whoever your chosen candidate is. A democratic republic is only as strong as the voters. If you want to vote Republican, vote. If you want to vote Democrat, vote. If you are an Independent and still want to vote in the Primary, you must register as either Repubbie or Demmie by April 17th! The title is a link to the voter registration site for anyone who wants to register. Please do so. Remember, if you don't vote, you can't complain later on.

Alphabetically, so no overt favoritism is shown. *coughPennacchiocough* Nyah Nyah.
Bob Casey
Chuck Pennacchio
Alan Sandals
Rick Santorum

Also, here is a pdf of the listing of 2006 Primary candidates for Pennsylvania offices. Check for your area and see who's running.

Cheers and get out and vote!


Peter Matthes said...

Just thank God with all your might that Ralph Reed isn't running for anything in your State.

Shadowspun said...

Oh, dear. Yes, I can see where he'd be quite scary. Although, I must admit that some of his ideas on transportation improvement in Georgia are quite good. Unfortunately, I found nothing else on his wbesite that explained his stands on other issues.

Pennacchio is vocal about increasing railway usage in Pennsylvania, something I agree with. Sandals didn't say anything on his site about it and I'm not sure what Casey says.

How go the elections in your state?

NEPA TOM said...

I'm the coordinator for Chuck's campaign in this area. We could sure use some help. If interested, drop me an email at tff-at-sfalaw.com. Also, sign up for emails at Chuck's site www.chuck2006.com. Hope to hear from you soon.