Sunday, April 30, 2006

Leggett's Creek

After going to a retirement party for my uncle I went to Leggett's Creek to take some pictures with Mom's new camera, which we both adore. I went to my usual spot and took this one:

Then I went to the lower part of the creek. I haven't been down there in years and forgot where the deep parts were, so I came home soaked to the knees. The shoes I didn't give a fig for; they're already pretty much dead anyway. This is one of the pictures I took down there, making me remember why I like the upper part so much:

Why do people do this?


Peter Matthes said...

Why not take a picture of yourself and post it?

Shadowspun said...

LOL. I hate having my picture taken! I avoid it whenever possible, although Mom's already promised/threatened me she's going to get me with the new camera...

I like yours, though. :p