Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Timing is everything (A Grandma Update)

Well, I had a little bit of time to myself that I was jealously guarding. I was going to leave work early to cut overtime, then go to Borders and relax with a good book for an extra couple of hours with noone the wiser since I "forgot" to tell anyone. Ah, well. So much for that lovely plan. The woman taking care of Grandma the few overlap hours of our jobs (Mom and mine) is sick with a flu and won't be able to take care of her tomorrow. We're trying to find a new sitter, but no luck so far.

Mom is going to pick me up around 11:00 at Borders, so I will have two hours to myself. However, I had really been looking forward to having time to go downtown and do some genealogy research or even more research on the printers' marks of the Albright Library in Scranton with some nifty books I found at the U (the locals' term for the University of Scranton).

The only good thing about this is that it has happened on a day where I won't be losing time by cutting work early. Here's my whine moment: But I had plans! Ugh!

LOL, at least my luck runs consistent: consistently BAD!

Top that off by adding an extra half hour of time I'll have to cut this week since I just could not get out of work today AND my great-aunt died yesterday.

Really, it was a blessing for my aunt to go. She was in such pain and a state of dementia, plus having had both legs amputated from circulation problems. She's out of pain now.

She was such a loveable old loon. She had THE WORST taste in gifts and always asked me when I was going to graduate high school, no matter how many years I'd been out. She remembered the old stories my grandmother doesn't and was always willing to tell them. She was great. I'll miss her.

I need to find something good that happened today. Well, I've spent a couple of hours updating my iPod. That's good.


UPDATE: My last chance of a sitter just called and we have a winner! I have the day to myself! Yes, yes, yes. My godmother is a truly wonderful woman. I think I will get that puzzle I was looking at for her tomorrow, after all. This is too good to wait until Christmas.

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