Sunday, December 11, 2005

Frustrating Relatives (A Grandma Update)

Someone please explain to me what makes some relatives think they are so much better than you. The Aunt From Hell was in this weekend, ruling our lives, as usual. Everything must be done on her timetable, her way only and by whom she designates. If you dare give her a little lip/attitude/whatever you want to call it, you get yelled at. I'm nearly thirty and still getting yelled at by TAFH. Of course, I just stand through it, not saying a word, because to reply or defend myself would cause Grandma discomfort. LOL. Yeah, right. She just nods along with TAFH. There's nothing like knowing your grandmother, the woman you are sacrificing any chance of free time and college for, doesn't even like you.

I've been told that the person being cared for tends to single out one person for their enmity. This is normal, but Grandma seems to spread it to my Mom an awful lot, too. I guess I'm just sick of all of it. It's so frustrating to be yelled at every day just for asking a person if they're hungry. She hates everything I like or do. She hates the computer being upstairs in "her" room, even though she's never coming back up here. She insists she'll die up here. This makes us feel really good. So she's going to keep making breaks for the stairs like she has at least five times this week. She could be a bloody ninja for all the noise she makes coming up the stairs.

We gave away 99% of our furniture in anticipation of moving in with Grandma. We have a grand total of a couch, loveseat, futon, computer table and computer and a few bookshelves. Over 60% of our possessions are in storage and have been for the last three years because Grandma didn't want them here. *sigh* I feel like I'm unwelcome here. I feel like she hates me and is angry at Mom for moving in.

We just had a small set-to with Grandma about some of the issues, and she insists she doesn't want us to move out. She also insists that she doesn't need someone with her 24/7. She does. I don't know what to think. She says that I don't respect her. Apparently, I never do what she asks/tells me to do. We asked her what she means by respect and her answer was to do everything she says, when she says and how she says (not quite in those words). I guess we know where TAFH got it. We asked her why she doesn't give us any respect and we apparently don't deserve it. Ugh! I get so frustrated.

Mom is just as frustrated and there's noone else in the family who is in the same position, so who is there to speak to? I really think I need to make an appointment with a counselor of some sort. I'm getting so angry all the time. I hate the person I am when I'm angry.

I'm too pissed for Cheers.

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