Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Text Messaging Great Lit?

Please, please, tell me this is a joke. Obviously, it's not, but jeeze louise! Granted, I used CliffsNotes in school (and got bad grades doing it, since I couldn't seem to finish even those), but this is just ridiculous. I wonder how they'll manage to condense A Midsummer's Night Dream? LOL.

What other books would be hard to synopsize like that? The Sound and the Fury? Actually, the text messaging I was reading would fit in great with stream of consciousness thought. None of it makes much sense. LOL. I'm afraid I had too much English in school to be able to use the majority of webspeak.

Oh, well. More power to the users of this service.

Back to my iPod updating.


PS: The link is the title of the post.

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