Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Killing To Salvage Honor

Okay, this is coming from the viewpoint of a rather liberated, Western woman, not of Islam, but is this really necessary? A Pakistani father slits the throats of his stepdaughter/niece and his three younger daughters because the stepdaughter married against his wishes? He seems to feel that he had to kill his other daughters because they may take what their older sister did as an example and also marry without his permission. That's just a bit extreme, don't you think?

Didn't we already pass into the 21st Century?

I guess I just can't understand the reasoning behind it. I do realize that arranged marriages are still occurring all over the world, even marriages of convenience. I guess I'm just more romantic than I thought. I just don't see where the dishonor comes into play. Okay, punish the little kiddies with a yelling and maybe shunning, but isn't death a little much?

Is the dishonor on his part? Does he feel that he should have had more control over his daughter's brain? Is that it?

I thank the Gods that my mother raised me to think for myself, even if I can't always act upon those thoughts and wishes. Thank you very much, Mom. I appreciate it.

Cheers and my thoughts go out to their mother, who had to watch it as it happened and stay there with the four bodies of her daughters until her husband regained his rationality.

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Sinspired said...

What's not the issue is the single incident, it's the recurrence of such throughout the muslim world.