Sunday, March 26, 2006

Coming Home and Living Wills (A Grandma Update)

Grandma had her surgery the other day. She'll probably come home tomorrow. She now has a plate and pins in her left arm to hold the broken radius in place. LOL. Yes, she'll set off airport alarms. She's not happy and is in pain, but that will pass with time.

She's going to be in a hard cast for at least six weeks and then she'll have therapy after that. So, for the next two months, Mom and I will be cutting up food and making sure she's walking steady and all the other fun things you do when a person needs to be waited on hand and foot, pretty much. LOL. Grandma really needs to stop breaking bones!

On a more serious note, the nephrologist told us that she's in the fourth stage of renal failure. There are only five stages. She's this close to dialysis. There's no way she'll b eligible for a new kidney, and frankly, I don't think she'd want one. TAFH had a good idea. She wants the children to sit with Grandma and truly discuss medical powers of attorney and living wills. Grandma has fought these up until now, but they're hoping they can get through to her that they would only kick in if Grandma was incapacitated. She even suggested taping whatever Grandma's final wishes in the conversation were in case they needed to convince a doctor of them. This is in case Grandma refuses the two documents. I know Grandma doesn't want to linger on life support. We all know this. None of us want to, either. However, if she refuses a living will, we'd need to convince the doctors somehow, because they'd automatically put her on machines if something happened.

If Grandma's kidneys keep shutting down like they are and she wants no dialysis, I don't think she'll last the year. I don't know what else to type. I don't know how to express what I'm feeling, acknowledging that fact to people other than my mother.

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