Friday, March 17, 2006

A Miscellany

I'm now four days off work. However, the sinus infection/pharyngitis or whatever the heck it ends up being feels like it's getting a bit better. LOL. If it doesn't get better, Kim, don't let them give me a viewing. A drunken wake with a nice photo (if you can find one), yes, but not a viewing in a corpeshouse. Of course, scraping up enough of me from the road and whatever truck hits me after I leap the highest bridge I can might make that hard for my family. ;p

I just watched Good Night, and Good Luck. Wow! This was an excellent movie. I definitely recommend you watch it and then listen to the commentary. The friendship and repartee between Grant Heslov (one of my faves) and George Clooney (not a favorite, but I certainly don't hate him) is great.

Of course, I've also read a ton of books in the last few days in between moans and groans. Eva Ibbotson's The Haunting of Granite Falls; JR Ward's two vampire books, Dark Lover and Lover Eternal are just the last three, as well as rereading JR Robb's Memories in Death. What a surprise that I spend some of my sick time reading, right? Well, I also taped each of the documentaries hosted by William Shatner on the History Channel and watched them the next day. I have to admit, when I was younger, he annoyed me, but he's growing on me. He's a hammy actor with a really funny sense of humor. LOL. He doesn't take himself too seriously anymore.

Anyway, I managed to get very small bites of mashed potatoes (about a cup's worth) and an entire glass of water down. I'll try the Cepacol stuff and small bites thing and see if I can eat some more potatoes for dinner. Absolutely no Gatorade, though. The stuff burns too much going down. So does Mom's flavored water.

Oh, and I'm really going to have to figure out those "cut" things that Ragnell does.


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Sinspired said...

He doesn't take himself too seriously anymore.
He CAN'T. Hee hee.