Thursday, March 16, 2006

Well, it's a sinus infection. Funny, I never expected a sinus infction to do what this thing has done to me. I've missed three days of work and feel like somone is grabbing my insides and twisting them with glee. Have I mentioned I've barely eaten since it hurts to swallow anything, even liquids?

I can't afford this.



Sinspired said...

Get sleep :(

Shadowspun said...

I'm trying, but I still have to make sure Grandma's okay, too. I'm not sleeping well, anyway. I keep waking up after about half an hour's sleep. *sigh* In a way, I *almost* wish this had happened on my vacation last week, then I wouldn't be losing time from work while sick; just time from my niece and nephew. Which would have been worse, probably, because I might have given it to them and I have precious little time with them as it is. We're really going to have to tighten belts at home for the next month or so, though, thanks to this.

I'm trying to stay away from Grandma so I don't give this to her. Her immune system's even worse than mine. Oh, and Mom feels like crap, too. She thinks her pleurisy is beginning a return visit.