Friday, March 03, 2006

Vacation time

It's been a little while. My brother and his kids are in now. They arrived last night. My niece and nephew were so happy to see me, and of course, the feeling was quite mutual. They literally threw themselves at me when they saw me. Man, they are great little monkeys. Gods, how I adore them.

Why do they have to live so far away? It's just not fair of the Air Force to do that to me, darn it! I really hope my brother gets posted to Dover when his choice comes up. Delaware is a lot easier to get to than New Mexico.

Anyway, I'm taking the week off as a vacation (lots of Grandma-sitting, how fun.) and hopefully some of the relatives will cooperate by giving Mom and I some respite so we can take the kids out. We'll see.

Oh, I simply must brag. My nephew is a brilliant little boy. We did some of his homework and he understood the concept of pronouns without a struggle. I even gave him examples and challenged him to change some of the things that were on his homework sheet and he did great, coming up with a few changes himself. He's also one heck of a clever writer for his age. And his spelling! Let's just say that I know who's getting my prized dictionary when I die.

Now, my niece...she's the athlete and drama queen. And I do mean drama queen. Her future career will be one of these: actress (multiple award-winner, of course), soccer player, doctor, President of the US, lifelong convict. Of course, none of those career paths cancel out the others, so... When she told me they were going to build a snowman, I told her I wanted to play too, but since I was at work she kept telling me "You're going to miss the fun. You're going to miss the fun." *snicker* It's a really cute snowman.


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