Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Murder List

A year or so ago the author, Julie Garwood, published a book titled "The Murder List". The basic premise is that a woman has a list of people the world would be better off without. The list was supposed to be burned as part of a cleansing ritualistic-type thing. Well, this list ends up in the hands of a psychopath who starts ticking the names off it. It's a romantic suspense novel, so the hero and heroine eventually catch the killer and they ride off happily into the sunset.

My point is that sometimes, after a day like this, I can see where that would be a nice thing to have and do. I can put three names on it right away. Amazingly enough, none are relatives, all co-workers.


And I'm not even feeling nearly as homicidal as I was this morning.

PS: If anyone finds out where this cartoon came from, let me know so I can attribute it to the right place, please.

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