Sunday, February 12, 2006

Holding Patterns Update (A Grandma Update)

Well, I'm not feeling selfish now. She got on me about having the laptop downstairs when it "belongs upstairs". She doesn't want to hear it or see it. When she and Aunt L arrived I was playing a game that made noise. So, even though I turned it off and had the whole computer on mute for an hour and a half that was still too loud.

I waited until Mom got home and did a fair impression of a rat from a sinking ship. I'm upstairs now, hiding from the woman masquerading herself as my grandmother. You know, when she dies, I'm going to need a map to remember what the first floor looks like, I spend so much time up here.


Sinspired said...

Isn't it wonderful she can't follow you up there, though?

Shadowspun said...

Hah! She may be supposed to stay downstairs, but she sneaks up for kicks all the time.