Saturday, August 07, 2010

Wedding designs

I mentioned that my brother is engaged, now I'm designing he and his fiancee a wedding announcement.  So many of them are way too floral and foufy for my brother's taste.  I found a few on 123stitch that I liked and thought were simple enough to suit their style.  My brother is a cop, I just can't see him really liking an announcement with roses and ribbons all over it.  Sorry, not happening.

So I found one pattern on 123stitch that I really liked part of: To Have and To Hold.  The sepia picture of the couple in the middle struck me as perfect for them.  So I figured I'd probably end up ordering that.  Well, I saw it in Michael's yesterday while browsing.  I hadn't noticed that the whole pattern is only 5 by 5 inches!  Too small.  But I still liked the people, just not the floral stuff.  So I conned Mom into coming to Michael's with me to look at it.

I ended up buying it (plus a frog eraser and felt to make myself a minion from Despicable Me) and spent a few hours last night transferring just the people into PCStitch.  Then I broke into my quote book and found a lovely quote to add to the sampler: "Two souls with but a single thought, Two hearts that beat as one." by Friedrich Halm.  I used the alphabet in the kit to chart that and used the Font function to make an alphabet for the names and date.  I'm going to do that in petite stitch since the only way to make it nice enough was to make it HUGE.

So, the pattern is half finished.  Now they just need to figure out when they're getting married and what colors and flowers they're using so I can finish designing it and then stitch the little bugger.

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