Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Piranha 3-D

Okay, before I say anything else, I'll say this: I really want to go see this movie.  It is obviously not going for Oscar nominations (unless the FX are somehow spectacular).  It is a summer horror/fun flick.  Apparently, people are peeved that there aren't going to be any special showings for reviews by critics.  Hello?!  This is the kind of movie guaranteed to make a critic's blood pressure rise and explode out of their pens in a sea of "Ack!  This was horrible.  No, no, blood and gore and 3D!"  Showing it to a critic is a waste of time.  Most won't watch a film and see the fun of it.  They seem to need to find meaning and pathos in every film they watch.  Um, not every film is out there for such a thing.  Some are just fun bloodbath flicks that make you giggle and cheer when the obnoxious git gets eaten and the heroes somehow manage to save the day...except for the egg, of course, which is about to hatch the sequel, er, spawn of whatever the monster is.

I can't wait for this one.  Chomp chomp and Christopher Lloyd thrown in for good measure!

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