Friday, May 12, 2006

Trip to Corning tidbits

On the way home from Corning my brother called to tell us that he's being redeployed to Iraq in September. He'll be gone for four months again. I think he'll have two more tours like this in the next two years. He wanted us to take care of his dog for him, though. Ugh! She's nice, but she's a huge black dog. We politely avoid each other when I'm visiting. I don't think we can take her, though. Grandma would have not just one bird, but an entire nest! I mean, really, I can't even have fish!

Anyway, something funny happened. In June I'll be going up to Big Flats to help set up a store there. We passed it! Mom looked at me and I looked at her and we smiled, then she pulled off to go find it. LOL. It's going to be huge. At least I can tell everyone how to get there when we go.

That's it, really. We had fun. Tomorrow we're going to see Poseidon. Ebert didn't like it, so Mom and I will love it. Any movies he likes, we think they suck. Any movies he hates, we love. So much for the critics, eh?

Oh, and Mom should be bringing home some Kinder-eggs tonight from a place near her new store. Mwa-ha-ha! Toys toys toys!


that girl said...

I LOVE kinder-eggs.!

one of the designers always brings some back from germany for me. I'm very demanding.

Shadowspun said...

Mine are gone already. Yum. She got three for each of us. We were generous and mailed two to our niece and nephew (hah hah, not my brother!).

Mom got a helicopter and an ambulance bike ridden by a fox. I got a cool vampire and a record player with an ant that goes around. Tee-hee.

Isn't it amazing that they are illegal here in the States?

She wasn't able to find lachschenken but bought somethig similar. I love German food.

When my brother was stationed in Germany he was under orders from us to send us Kinder-eggs.