Friday, May 05, 2006

Grandma's Home!

She's joking! She's being nice. I'm having a heart attack.

I bought a new t-shirt today. I never wear tees with slogans on them, but I had to buy it when I saw it. It's blue and says this: If you choke a Smurf...What color does it turn?

Mom saw it and just groaned. Grandma stopped with her hot dogs and stared at me. I was wondering what the heck she wanted. Then I heard her reading it out loud. She laughed!

And in the last two days, she's demolished hot dogs. Three last night and four tonight. She's eating and being nice to me. Yeah, she picked at me about something stupid last night, but she's been really nice to us, basically. Obviously, I'm going to take advantage of the situation while it lasts.

BTW, I'm buying the Yoda tee next. It has a picture of Yoda pointing and says "My finger, pull."


Peter Matthes said...

I like "Save Ferris"

anne altman said...

your grandmother eats hot dogs. that's kind of cute. i used to take my grama to arbys for dinner. she'd use her senior discount on one small beef and a coffee.

who gets coffee at arbys?

grama altman got coffee at arby's. guess all the old folks do, what else is a 79 lb woman going to drink? a 32 oz orange crush biggie?