Friday, February 20, 2015

Hidden Dragons by Bianca D'arc

Today's addition to my booklist is Hidden Dragons, by Bianca D'arc.  It's the latest in her series of fantasy romance, Dragon Knights.  They feature love at first sight/instant soul mate connection.  Most of the series also features a menage a trois, but it works with the world she's built.  But most of all, they feature dragons!  The heroes are knights that ride dragons into battle.  The dragons are intelligent and telepathic.  The heroines can generally speak with the dragons, too.  The end of this one brings a new twist to the future of the war between Draconia and Skithdron (home of basilisk-like creatures with acid-like venom).  I'm hoping she'll finally bring the North Witch, Lorelei, into the next book.  I'm also hoping she'll one day make a female one of the knights.  She has featured some warriors females already, but I want one of them to actually have a dragon to ride.

I'm still working on The Pox and the Covenant.  It's not a difficult read and is interesting.  I'm just not in the mood for books about illnesses at the moment.  I have a stupid sinus infection that's kicking my ass.

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