Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cartoons of World War II

I spent some time at Books-A-Million today.  I almost started reading a sci-fi, but I was pretty exhausted from work, so I took an easier route.  I noticed a book called Cartoons of World War II, by Paul Husband, as I was going in.  He collected cartoons, mostly editorial, on papers and magazines on both sides of the conflict.  I've seen some of them before but it was nice getting the juxtapostion of date and source.  My only regret with the book (other than my lack of cash to buy it at the moment) is that it didn't have more in it.  I would love to see a comprehensive study of editorial satire from the era.

I'm not sure what category to put this one in.  It wasn't a graphic novel.  It was both a history book and an art book.  Maybe I'll just add a couple of wildcard categories.  Got it.  I used it for the "book based entirely on its cover" category.

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