Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sampler colors. Decisions, decisions

I've been coming up with color combinations for the different motifs in the Bush Mountain / Wiehenburg Sampler contest.  I've decided to use as few colors as possible.  I figure if I use DMC Variations 4045 for the one green I want to use and nine other colors I should be able to make it rather interesting, if simple.  I want to use two colors, maybe four of beads to use in the "unstitched" places in the corner butterflies.  Each of the butterflies will be stitched in black otherwise.  There are 23 other motifs including a dandelion-type center motif that I can't decide whether or not I want to stitch in one or two different yellows.

I have to have this stitched by Halloween.  The deadline is actually November 25th, but I'll be working on NaNoWriMo at that point.  It's all full cross-stitch anyway, so that should be doable. 

Of course, I'm also in the middle of stitching the Livejournal MSAL in specialty stitches instead of cross-stitches and Growth Rings.  Once I finish stitching Growth Rings and the MSAL I have to re-order the fabric for Nick's Dragon so I can get that done before he gets home in August.  Then I can pick up on College of Magical Knowledge at home and the Christmas gifts I never actually finished as my travel projects.

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