Monday, March 22, 2010

New computer!

I have a new computer!  I'm playing on my new, little HP Pavilion dm3 right now.  I like this little guy.  It has a 13 inch screen, tons of memory and I haven't wanted to pitch it across the room yet.  I chose the computer WITHOUT a cd/dvd-rom.  It's external and this makes this sucker so light it's not even funny. 

Now, I just have to wait for my new version of Family Tree Maker and I can go wild at the library again.  I'm just not sure yet if I want to put iTunes on it or wait until I can afford another 1 TB hard drive.  The current plan is to take all extraneous stuff off the old computer, plunk it on a desk from which it shall never move and just use this one for my on-the-go computer.  The old one will be the gaming/movie/music computer.  I figure I'll add PCStitch to this one so I can design anywhere.  Basically, this one will be for research, though.

That's the plan, anyway.  We'll see how it goes.  I just have to avoid the temptation of ZooTycoon and Civ III, which I haven't been able to play on the other due to memory issues.  If I clear the huge database programs off the old one, though, I should have enough memory to use it for them.  I hope.

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