Friday, January 30, 2009

Migraines, S.E.X. and obit

I hate migraines.  I really hate migraines.  I ended up calling off work today because of one that started yesterday. 

When it finally got to the low-level pain range Mom and I went out to the bank to set up the tax savings account and Mimi's Attic where we spent $40 at a half-off sale.  I bought a design I might make for Sunni's wedding.  I'm going to ask Sheri if she thinks Sun and Brian will actually like it first, though.  If she does, then I'll play around converting colors to bronze and blue.
I've been staring at the screen for about an hour now and my eyes are starting to go a little buggy, so I'm off in a minute.  I just want to mention one thing.  Julia Guddy died on Wednesday.  She was Grandma's roommate at Allied when she died in November and was always really nice to her and concerned about her.  Julia's daughter made a very nce blog for her mom:  She was a nice lady.


Carol Ann said...

Dear Shadowspun,

I was waiting in the hallway outside my mother's room at Allied when I noticed the morning paper sitting atop the linen cart. "AnnaMae" (Annabelle) had passed away the previous morning. I opened to the obituaries and found Annabelle's story. I read the story and wondered if my mother would like to hear it. Since I had practiced once already (having read it to myself), I assumed I would be able to read it aloud to my mother. I told my mother Annabelle's obituary was in the paper, and I asked her if she would like to hear it. "Yes, please," she said, and I turned to page B8. The woman in the paper was a vibrant, smiling woman who "played a wicked game of rummy and was practically unbeatable except when she let her grandchildren win." Julia played a wicked game of rummy and was practically unbeatable, too. That was when I took a breath and pretended I was back in the hallway reading to myself, and I wondered if my mother heard the cracking of my voice. I had to cut the reading short before I started to cry. I skipped the survivors and went straight for the memorial contributions suggestions. I made it through and thought it best to return to the survivors -- I didn't want to leave anything out for my mother, and I didn't want to deprive Annabelle of having her full story heard. As I read each name, my mother shook her head and said "I met him," "I met her," or "I don't remember that name."

I spent the next hour with my mother talking about this and talking about that. I had an errand to run: my mother needed a sympathy card. She wanted to send it to Annabelle's family. We had it mailed the next day.

My mother mentioned Annabelle often. She missed her and her family.

Hope you are doing well.

Carol Ann

Tamora said...

Does working on the computer make your migraines worse? It does mine. Also, I take Topamax migraine medication--it really helps!

Shadowspun said...

My migraines are alrigh if I limit the computer time. For some reason it actually hurts me more to read a real book than the screen.