Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Some asshole told Grandma there was no hope of coming out of the Rehab facility.  If it was a real person and not her own fears talking and I find out who they are I will simply and utterly destroy them.  Now she doesn't want to eat or do her exercises.  She just wants to give up altogether.


Mom and I have a bad feeling it was my uncle.  He apparently has told TAFH (who is decidedly less Hellish these days but for the sake of consistency she will remain so named) that he doesn't want Grandma to go home.  What is it to him, really?  He wasn't her caregiver.  He barely comes over here.  Jerk.  He supposedly is thinking about Mom and I and how difficult it'll be to care for a much less self-sufficient Grandma, but does he really think he has ANY right to unilaterally make that decision for her and US?  No.  If it was him that planted that poisonous thought in her brain ...  ARGH!  He's her damned son and he should be encouraging her, not tearing her down.

Is it really illegal to kill people?  I could do it in a truly amusing way.  Honestly, I'm creative.  He (or whomever the jerkwad is) could mysteriously slip into a vat of chocolate at Gertrude Hawk's and for some strange reason be pushed under each time he came up for air.  Or how about death by music?  He could be tied to a chair, no, let's make him comfortable, his bed and be forced to listen to Britney Spears music for hours until he goes completely mad.  When released the poor creature would jump out of a twenty story building, plummetting to his death.  Or a really cool bounce, although I'm sure there would still be broken bones.

I'd be amused, anyway.

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