Monday, March 17, 2008


I've stashed lately. A lot. I bought three patterns from Heaven and Earth Designs and ended up with four by mistake:

I meant to buy Kissing Frogs, College of Magical Knowledge and the Story storykeep. The guys at Heaven and Earth Designs sent me the first two and the Spirit storykeep instead of Story. When I let them know, they told me to keep Spirit instead of sending it back, like I thought I should. Cool. I like it.

I also bought a few books from Ollie's, mostly Christmas designs. As if I really need more of them, but I found a nice pattern for a Mrs. Claus doll I may use.

I finished the golden eagle/flag pattern for one of my co-workers. It turned out so well, I'm remaking it in 16 count for myself. My brother is probably going to be deployed to Iraq again in September, this time for a year. I'm thinking of making it for him for Christmas to put up in his quarters there.

I should even be receiving my fabric for Stargazer and Fairy Moon soon.

Now, if I can just finish that stupid baby blanket in time for the munchkin to be born, I'll be happy. I've given up on being done by the shower.

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