Monday, May 21, 2007

Dementia and Shortcake

She's getting worse. We took Grandma to the Glider for dinner the other night and the only thing she insisted she wanted the entire night was their Strawberry Shortcake (damned good Strawberry Shortcake, I might add!). Well, when we got it, Mom and I dug in. (No, it isn't GF. Fuck it.) Grandma sat there a minute, fiddling with the fork and knife next to the plate, but not picking them up to eat. I had to hand her a fork before she started to eat. I really think she'd briefly forgotten what to do. This dementia thing really sucks.


Anne said...

::hugs:: I really do understand what you're going through; my father went downhill into dementia the year afore he passed. It was hard seeing HIM there, but knowing it wasn't him, not really.

Shadowspun said...

Thanks. I think that is the hardest thing about all of this. Not having much of a life is (generally) dealable - I've always been a solitary-ish person anyway. It's seeing a woman I knew to be strong, independent and energetic turning into someone I don't know at all. And frankly, don't really want to know on her worst days.