Friday, December 24, 2010

Long time AWOL

I've really been slacking on computer time in the past few months.  First there was a ton of stitching, weird hours and then NaNoWriMo (which I nuked again).

My brother got married in October.  They did it earlier than they had originally planned so their stitchy gift will be give for their first anniversary.  I finished the Eagle Scout even though I still haven't given it to him.  Oy!  I have stitched about 25 ornaments in the last few weeks.  I also finished the Kats by Kelly pattern I had.  The Dragon and Witches Go Riding are still WIPs.  I'll be adding two baby announcements to next year's list for my cousin and co-worker.

Mom and I have stolen my niece and nephew nearly every weekend for the last two months.  Awesome!  Mom's taking them to church, then the four of us go to breakfast.  Last Sunday, Mom, my nephew and I had a four hour, single hand, Uno game.  I have the Star Trek Uno cards and they have a card that makes you double your hand.  It was played a few times that game.  It was hilarious.  My niece watched Mamma Mia and was almost through the singalong by the time I won the hand.

We're going to my cousin's house tomorrow and then we have the munchkins again for Sunday.  I'll have my niece go through my music to pick what she wants me to put on her soon-to-be iPod.  It should be fun.

So, Merry Christmas to the Christians.  I hope everyone else had a happy holiday, whatever it may have been.

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