Sunday, September 27, 2009


I've been seeing 101 lists all over the place and some are extremely profound.  I'd like to make one of my own.  I know I make a list of goals for myself each birthday.  I rarely fulfill them.  I've been working on the damned driver's license forever now.  Things are happening right now in my family life that will probably mean I'll have to get it as soon as humanly possible, though.  More on that after the 1st, which is when all of the information will become available to me and decisions will have to be made.

I keep telling myself the gym is important and it is.  Following a strict Gluten-free diet.  Going back to school and actually making something of my life.  Writing a book.  Publishing it might be nice, but the writing of it most important.  Maybe sell some cross-stitch designs.  Learn ASL.  Relearn German. 

I need to sit down and really think about this.  I wonder what it will tell me about myself.

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e said...

I tried not to comment, I tried really really hard, but it didn't work.

Driver's licence: just do it. I know you can.

Life: it is what you make of it. If you spend all your time trying to make something of it, you'll never have anything but an attempt.

Gym: A buddy of ours is going to teach us martial arts. Wanna come?