Saturday, April 11, 2009

Promiscuity and gay rights

Okay, there's a poll out there asking if legal marriage will reduce "gay promiscuity".  Forgive me if I'm asking the wrong question, but when did it ever reduce straight promiscuity?  Some of the straight men I know are bigger sluts than gay men I know.  Seriously, in the case of men, it's still encouraged to have all the lovers you can get away with.  Look at one of the icons of the last century and beyond, James Bond.  How he's walking around without some terrible STD, I'll never know.  Hell, he even got married once.  Of course, we have to assume he would have been faithful to her since she died so quickly after the wedding, but with him, who knows.

Promiscuous people (gay or straight) will be promiscous no matter what laws are enacted.  Separate that issue from that of pure civil rights.  Yeesh.