Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Grandma and Little Brothers

I got sleep. I actually got pretty good sleep while Grandma was gone. And I was able to run errands and do things without watching the clock. There were a few moments of stress on the day of her non-return because TAFH and one of the cousins decided she'd come home today, but didn't bother to tell us until about 7pm Sunday night. I had given up and went out to play Settlers with friends when TAFH finally called and apologized for just forgetting. However, Grandma's now home and just ate ALL of her dinner! It was corn, ham and kartoffel-knodel. She ate it all and she's actually hunting for more on the plate.

Mom and I took the kids to Honesdale and the Alpine Inn on Saturday. She wanted the two of them to pick out fabric for quilts she wants to make them. My niece chose a pink, flowered print (shock and amazement) while my nephew chose an awesome dark blue and grey grass-like print. We have to see if we can find it somewhere else since there wasn't enough at Amy's. The shop is called Mountain Quiltworks and is quite cool. We got Lachschinken!

Anyway, I met my youngest brother for the first time today. I like him. I was so afraid I wouldn't or rather, that he wouldn't like me. He was pretty cool for an eleven year-old. He even wanted to meet Mom. He likes a computer game called Runescape and was at least vaguely interested in history and even the family history. I gave him my email and phone number and told him to use them if he wishes. I'll leave it in his hands. I hope he uses them.

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Nikki said...

WOW! To meet a sibling for the first time can be scary. But what a blessing. Even if he doesn't initiate contact, make sure that you do. It is difficult for kids to approach "adults" siblings or not. Reach out to him until he is comfortable enough to do the same without prompting. Family is so precious.

Well that's my advice for the day...Glad to hear grandmas back and eating well and that you were able to get some sleep. I don't know if the stars are all in alignment, but Muddear has been sleeping well also. Thanks be to God!!!!!