Sunday, February 25, 2007

Favorite five movies quiz

Okay, this is a very simple quiz. If you can only watch five movies for the rest of your life (or you're stuck on a desert island with a dvd player, tv, portable generator and five movies), what are they? And why? They can be from any genre, era or country.

Mine would have to be:
1. 1776 - The perfect musical. It has action (cane fights), drama ("The slavery clause has to go."), comedy ("My name is Richard Henry Lee"), romance (John and Abigail Adams are great as long-distance lovers) and of course, a (slightly-flawed) history lesson, all wrapped into two hours of pure bliss.
2. The Mummy - Brendan Fraser, Oded Fehr and Arnold Vosloo for eye candy; Kevin J. and John Hannah for the comic elements and a LIBRARIAN (Rachel Weisz) as the heroine! Need I really say more?
3. Arsenic and Old Lace - Cary Grant being Cary Grant, with Peter Lorre added to the mix in this classic, oh-so-wonderful black comedy.
4. The Creature From the Black Lagoon - Gillman is my favorite classic movie monster. The giant Gila Monster comes cloes, but Gillman is the best. He's human at the same time he's alien. He's the ultimate what-if.
5. Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home - This was a major toss-up between that and Wrath of Khan, let me tell you! However, in the end, that whales of the non-Moby Dick variety had to win out.

It was actually painful to not be able to put movies like the first three Star Wars, the other Star Treks (minus the first, of course) and practically the bulk of Steven Spielberg's work. However, limiting the list to five meant I had to be ruthless. I'm so sorry to: Steve, Dean and Roland, George, Bud and Lou. There are many more actors and directors to apologize to, but I don't have enough room.

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